Top 6 Kanye West Samples

If you're like me, and cannot get on with your weekend until the new Yeezy Track drops, enjoy this list of some of Kanye's best work and the artists that influenced them.
  1. 6: Harder Better faster Stronger - Daft Punk
    Probably one of the most recognizable sounds of Daft Punk's discography comes from Track 4 of the Discovery album released in 2001. Sampled and revisited by yeezus in 2007, this hard hitting reinvention track made the bold statement that Kanye was here to stay. Shutter Shades and all!
  2. 5: Spirit in The Dark- Aretha Franklin
    Sampled for "School Spirit" off of 2004's College Dropout. This Uptempo Gospel hit is as much soul as it is Rebellious anti institutional angst. These ingredients fueled the two cool for school sound of Ye's frat house anthem.
  3. 4: Move on up- Curtis Mayfield
    If you've been to a college football game, you've heard this song at the halftime show. Those iconic horns give a powerful jolt of Inspiration to this Big Band Soul classic. Move on up Lends that " I can do anything" Energy to Ye's Late Registration Jam, Touch the Sky.
  4. 3: P.Y.T - Michael Jackson
    Gleefully welcomed at every wedding you've ever been to, P.Y.T., is the heartfelt, Disco/funk, cornerstone of Michael Jackson's Thriller Album. The final words of PYT are the base rhythm for the feel good head bounce track Good Life.
  5. 2: I Got a woman - Ray Charles
    Timing is everything, and wether we like it or not, Kanye West's timing is Impeccable. In 2004 movie and music lovers were busing about the Ray Charles BioPic " Ray" starting Jamie Foxx. At the height of all the hype, Ye drops Gold Digger, sampling the bluesy musing of of Ray Charles, featuring Foxx singing the samples himself. Raw Original, and award winning.
  6. 1: Mystery of Iniquity - Lauryn Hill
    In 2002 Lauryn Hill released a live recording of songs she preformed exclusively for MTV Unplugged 2.0. This performance quenched fan's thirst for a studio follow up to Lauryn's first and only solo release. Among that collection of songs is the legendary performance of Mystery of Iniquity. Passionate, poetic, and pointed with social vigilance. This raw underground hit is masterfully echoed and interpreted in the pillar track of Kanye's College Drop Out; All Falls Down.
  7. Thanks for reading, check it out!
    Attached is a Link to a Spotify Playlist I created following my list. Listen and follow! It also includes honorable mentions.