Usually from myself once I allow myself to relax and be myself
  1. Question Everything...!!! Everything....
    From Myself
  2. Practice understanding & Looking from others perpective in all situations especially the ones that confuse or anger you the most.
  3. There is always a minimum of 2 perspectives to every story or experience.
  4. It always easier to give advice than to actually practice and follow that same advice yourself....??? Why is that so???
  5. There is a solution to any & every problem one encounters
  6. You can look for a infinite amount of reasons as too whom or what is to blame for Every Single 1 of the bad situations, luck, acts, results, moments, etc in your life but ultimately if you truly and accurately are honest with oneself it is clear that in some way shape form choice or reaction you are the one whom created every single last one.
    Also overlook you are responsible for every single Good thing you've been involved in as well. So smile
  7. For every form of action there is a equal or greater reaction...... Think about that one a little.
    The very 1st realization on my path of understanding awoken many years earlier at the age of 15 & continuing to still fully understand