Free Activity Ideas for Christian Young Adult Fellowship Group

Trying to capture ideas for a nascent young adult group. List items are specific to my church, St. Peter's Memorial Episcopal in Richmond, VA, but could be adjusted for your group and location. Additional ideas welcome!
  1. Hiking & swimming at Pony Pasture Park
  2. Visit Maggie L. Walker National Historic Site
  3. Volunteer at Westminster Canterbury or St. Joseph's Home (Little Sisters of the Poor) or...
  4. Safe (chaperoned) Pokémon Go with kids in our neighborhood
  5. Visit National Museum of African American History and Culture
    Opens 2016 Sep 24
  6. Joint fellowship with other young adult groups (Episcopal or otherwise) in the area, including other faith traditions
  7. Jazz Cafe at the VMFA
    Thursdays from 6-9pm
  8. Walk the Richmond Liberty Trail
  9. Pilgrimage to Washington National Cathedral
  10. Monday night community worship at Richmond Hill
  11. Visit the Virginia Historical Society
  12. Walk the Richmond Slave Trail