Thank you Orlando. ❤️
  1. So this morning I got on the bus and sat down in the last seat. I'd had no sleep because of the usual teacher stress at this time of year, so I was a bit spaced.
  2. A young woman got on with a small child, and before I even registered that she was there, she had started shouting.
  3. She was annoyed that nobody had stood up to let her sit down with her child.
  4. And decided to target me.
  5. For the record, I always stand up if I see someone has more need than me. Or if I can't see that they have need and they ask me because their need is hidden.
  6. She was shouting along the full length of the bus about how fat I was.
  7. And this went on for a while.
  8. Then she noticed the two women behind me and started shouting about how there were loads of fat people sitting down while her child had to stand.
  9. (One of them was pregnant)
  10. She eventually made it to the back of the bus, now shouting about how nobody would stand up for her, because nobody does in London, until somebody eventually stood up.
  11. I suspect to shut her up.
  12. So I got into work, having held it together and not taken the bait, as bus-shouting would make me look as hideous as her, and I didn't want to get into a dialogue with her. And I like to see beyond things like this and think that she may have had a shitty morning herself (not that this is an excuse).
    ( I really wanted to hug the woman behind me who looked really effing upset, but I could see she just wanted to be left alone by the way she was holding back tears and looking out of the window)
  13. And then a child in my class tested my patience to the MAX, and I was still holding it all in, whilst counting to ten and calmly stating his consequences.
  14. By lunch time I was still thinking about it, and I had to seek out my partner teacher to offload.
  15. I cried.
  16. She was awesome.
  17. And as part of the conversation, she pointed out that there are people in this world who will be hideous to others no matter what the aspect of them that they choose to pick on.
  18. And she told me a story about the worst a stranger had ever made her feel, which was when someone on a bike spat in her face when she was sitting in her car in traffic. Just because she's black.
  19. And she had to turn to her children in the back of the car and talk to them about how some people in the world behave in that way towards others because of the colour of their skin.
  20. Perspective.
  21. And then we talked about the man who went into a club yesterday and killed 50 people.
  22. And suddenly my head cleared.
  23. And my heart broke once more for those people who lost their lives for no good reason.
  24. And for the families and loved ones who will never see them again.
  25. And for the gay community, of which I am a member, who are suddenly feeling less safe as a result of this tragedy.
  26. Perspective.
  27. Suddenly it all seems like nothing in comparison.
  28. I'm sending you love, Orlando. ❤️