The hot list

The girls that rock my world
  1. Laura Prepon
    OITNB was a game changer
  2. Cameron Diaz
    Funny, smart AND hot
  3. Taylor Momsen
    Grimy rock chick. Forget she was ever in The Grinch. Or Gossip Girl. It's all about the smudged eyeliner and the table stomping.
  4. Lucy Hale
    Pretty Little Liars drew me in. And it wasn't necessarily the plot twists. Although I'm a sucker for those now too.
  5. Ashley Benson
    See above
  6. Shay Mitchell
    See above
  7. Kaley Cuoco
    One of the many reasons to watch Big Bang.
  8. This girl ❤️
    For some reason she's marrying me in October. Even though I make lists like this.