A no-spoiler promise.
  1. The costumes
    It's hard not to notice the superb costuming. I get a bit excited about period costume. And this is on another level. At every point, I have to resist doing the thrilled hand clapping thing. Right now, I want to go back and watch episode 2, just to marvel at the embroidery.
  2. The setting
    It's lavish, it's expensive, it's heavy on the CGI. The interiors are actual Versailles, and it's dreamy.
  3. The budget
    Apparently double the budget of Downton. And it shows. £20 million in fact. 12% of that went on costumes.
  4. The history
    Yes, I'm a geek. I have to watch alone because I need complete silence to devour every second without interruption. Shush now.
  5. The pouting
    It's very sexy. This is a series full of beautiful people. No uglies allowed.
  6. The sex
    They get naked. A lot. And there appear to be no boundaries. Nobody cares if you shag the same sex, the opposite sex, your brother's wife, the servants...
  7. The hair
    So much hair. It wouldn't surprise me if a third of the budget was spent on this alone.
  8. The title sequence
    Music by M83 and a graphic, contemporary title sequence really shows the French influence of this Anglo-French production. When that music builds, so does the excitement. Beautiful.
  9. The twists
    The shocker at the end of episode one was a good one, but throughout there are surprises, good and bad.
  10. Series 2
    Already being filmed.