1. Instagram
  2. High school reunion
  3. Plane ride to Las Vegas sitting next to a stranger
  4. Tinder photos
  5. Las Vegas casino bar
  6. Coffee with your ex
  7. Las Vegas hotel room with someone you just met at the bar
  8. Back of a Las Vegas police car when that person you just met turns out to be an undercover officer you solicited for prostitution after telling her you're the newly appointed CEO of Microsoft
  9. Las Vegas jail when you tell your cell mate you have black belt in various martial arts forms and he should keep his distance
  10. Las Vegas jail infirmary when you tell the nurse you don't know why your ribs are suddenly broken because your cell mate warned you about the repercussions of snitching
  11. Las Vegas courtroom when you say you can afford to post bail and have a great lawyer flying in from New York tonight who can clear this whole thing up
  12. Las Vegas jail phone booth when you tell your wife you'll be home tomorrow and you love her, and your infant daughter Judith, so so much
  13. Whole Foods checkout line when the cashier asks you how your day is going