1. The Duke of Northam
    Impossible to please, his Requiem Mass remains incomplete and his soul remains in limbo. For the time being, my process is stifled at every turn by his incessant note-giving.
  2. Father
    Nothing would give you more pleasure than my total artistic failure, eh, Father? Would not those be just desserts for your indolent gadabout of a son?
  3. My Sweet, Departed Lucrecia
    My pet, my lovely Crecie. Such grand promises I made to you, never to be fulfilled.
  4. The Jolly Sprite
    Many a time I've been lured into procrastination by this corpulent elf—his infectious penchant for mischief and ribaldry is far too bewitching to ignore. It's therefore imperative that I work doubly hard on my music, in order to rebuff his magick. With the breaking of the day, he will return as always to his home within the cabinet of the old grandfather clock.
  5. The Screeching Fishmonger
    In life, he knew only fishmongering. In death, he knows only fishmongering still.
  6. The Damnable Alcohol
    I see you now, shimmering in the candlelight. You frighten me most of all.