Four Ways Digital Twin Technology is Improving the Power Industry

From creating solutions to sustainable energy challenges to informing new technology for power plant operation, digital models of physical machines are changing the power game.
  1. Creating optimized power plants, before they’re built.
    A Pakistani textile maker, Sapphire Group, created a digital twin to model a power plant for their mills. The digital plant was used to simulate deficiencies and inform the most optimal design of the physical plant before construction started.
  2. Boosting sustainable energy production.
    The Digital Wind Farm, a digital version of any wind farm that lives in the cloud, could boost a wind farm’s power production by up to 20%.
  3. Creating more reliable power flow from sustainable sources.
    Power flow from wind farms can be inconsistent: Digital Twins of hydropower plants allow countries with wind power to allocate and store power from sustainable sources more efficiently.
  4. Preparing circuit breakers to handle extreme power loads.
    To test a new circuit breaker built to disconnect a small power plant and dissipate up to 2.7MW of power, electrical engineers at GE created a Digital Twin that simulated a lightning-like discharge and extreme pressure.