It's finals week and I have two exams left... Wait, is that a cat vs. cucumber video?!
  1. Facebook
    Ah, yes, the world of the internet. I know I got my laptop out to google the JDI by ...(wait, by who again?), but I'm pretending that I forgot and start watching videos my friends posted as i spiral down a dark path of wasted time.
  2. Netflix
    Need I say more?
  3. Cleaning
    Vacuum, windows, dishes, laundry, the inside of my car (why only the inside, you ask? Its winter in canada, who do you think I am?!) and yes, even the bathroom.
  4. Pinterest
    Once I'm done with these exams, I can't wait to not do any of the diy crafts I've pinned!!! Oh! And look at that cute outfit I'll never pull off... Omg braided bangs?! Revolutionary.
  5. Online shopping
    Mostly just me filling up my shopping cart then X-ing out the window because I'm a fourth year uni student. 🤑
  6. Finding the perfect playlist
    From Bon Iver to Jay Z, I need my jams, man. Gotta feel dem study vibez.
  7. Social media
    Studying selfie ✔️ Snapchat ✔️ Twitter✔️ Downloading the list app, making my first list instead of studying, sensing impending doom ✔️
  8. OK, I should really study... ✌🏼️