And the bulletproof justification for them! Anyone else have some almost-tats?
  1. Tiny shark tooth on my right hand
    I'm afraid of sharks. And it's important to confront your fears on a daily basis. And the Givenchy shark tooth necklace was fiscally irresponsible. 2013
  2. XX on top of my left foot
    Actors have to hit their marks or get a sandbag of shame. This way I'll never miss my mark in "the movie" that is my life. 2010
  3. ARMSTRONG on the inside of my left arm.
    On NYE I stopped my bf, now hubs, from getting my name tatted in copperplate calligraphy across his chest. At 3am he disappeared from Karaoke and was found in a tattooist's chair at a parlour across the street. I sobbed and said it would look like HIS name was Greta and only NYU students get tattoos on St Marks. Felt bad so a yr later I was going to surprise him with his last name. But then Lance Armstrong was stripped of all 7 Tour de France wins for using performance enhancing drugs. 2012