My kinesthetic response to "America is Hard to See" at the Whitney.
  1. Horrible Bosses 2 was really good.
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  2. I should just buy Spanx instead of habitually pulling my low-rider underwear up to my waist.
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  3. Mother in-law.
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  4. Watermelon. Agua. Fresca.
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  5. I'm certain there's a Men's Warehouse at the Atlantic Terminal Center.
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  6. Oh no. What is 할머니's (grandma's) name again?
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  7. Tooth fairy kinda scary!
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  8. Club sandwich.
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  9. Bung bung bung bung bung bung bung bung. Mr. Sandman.
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  10. Being here is making me feel proud to be an American.
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