1. Candy sellers
  2. Performers/dancers
    "It's showtime!!!
  3. The lying beggar
    "If someone can help me out with a dollar to pay for my puppy's funeral.. Please"
  4. The seat squeezer
    You're 209lbs. Clearly you don't fit between the two gents who are just as big.
  5. The QB sneak
    They "Ready.... Set, HUT!! Excuse me!!" Their way onto the train.
  6. The Train Dispatcher
    If I were ever to meet the Great Oz who's responsible for 90% of my tardiness.. Oh the mayhem
  7. One's self
    That moment you begin to question your decision making "Why did I press snooze so many times?" "How could I forget my headphones, again?" "Great, I chose the the car with the screaming baby on it." The list goes on..