Let's go Mets.
  1. Displacing poor Mexican residents of Chavez Ravine to make room for Dodgers Stadium
    Originally projects were supposed to built affording low cost housing to the area (24 13 floor apt buildings and 160 2 floor town houses) as well as parks, playgrounds, schools and even a university. This was all thrown out the window as the general feeling became that the project veered too far to the left and was deemed socialist, They paid people off for their land in decreasing amounts as they accepted, to incite panic within the community. Let's Go Mets.
  2. Former manager Al Campanis was a Racist
    Al Campanis, who was GM of the LA Dodgers from 68-87 had some pretty bird brained ideas about African Americans. In an interview with Nightline on the 40th anniversary of Jackie Robinson making it into the majors Campanis suggested that African Americans didn't get managerial jobs because they didn't posses the necessary skills. He also said that blacks are bad at swimming because they don't have the buoyancy. He later said he was tired so he wasn't himself during the interview. Let's go Mets.
  3. Walter O'Malley ripped Brooklyn's heart out.
    Walter O'Malley the owner of the Dodgers at the time moved the team overnight to LA after he was rejected a new stadium in Brooklyn by Robert Moses. Frustrated, he went west. Brooklyn felt the blow for years, as though a part themselves was now gone. They had just won the World Series two years earlier in '55 after being terrible for years, and now, they found themselves team-less. Things have never really been the same since. Go Mets.
  4. The Dodgers are paying fat Carl Crawford 21 Mil to be injured and hit 12 HR's in the past two years.
    See above. Mets.
  5. That Chase Utley slide was clearly an out. That play was as dirty as they come. They are karmically screwed because of it.
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    You must start your slide before the bag. He clearly did not, he was far far off the base path. The neighborhood rule which says if the fielder CAN make contact with the base he doesn't actually have to touch it, should have been applied here. It's designed to protect middle infielders in these exact situations. Let's go Mets, Fuck Utley.
  6. Zack Greinke named his son Bode.
    ...WTF...doesn't bode well for the Dodgers. Mets.