Great Pizza in NYC You Won't Find on Lists. (Except This One)

23 years of life has led me to this.
  1. Caruso's (150 Smith Street)
    Great slice, and they put sesame seeds on on the crust if you're into that.
  2. Fiscati (80 Henry Street)
    Classic Brooklyn Heights Pizza spot cheap and great. They used to have a two slice and soda special for $4, but that was when I was in middle school.
  3. Giuseppina's (691 6th Avenue)
    This one is a little fancier, restaurant style pizza. Opened by Lucali's brother this place is criminally overlooked. Cash only and definitely on the pricier side of pizza but it is ridiculously good.
  4. Luigi Pizzeria (326 DeKalb Ave)
    Counter Pizzeria right next to Pratt, great cheese, great sauce. No place to sit but why the hell u need to sit to eat pizza.
  5. My Little Pizzeria (114 Court Street)
    This place is so fucking solid, it's been there since the days of Software Etc. before there was a Barney's and Trader Joes around the corner.
  6. Underground Pizza (3 Hanover Sq)
    Great pizza for a neighborhood that more times than not you'd rather not be in.
  7. Prince Street Pizza (27 Prince Street)
    So many drunken slices here, right down the street from Bowery Ballroom and open till 2am. Pepperoni square is really good.
  8. Bleeker Street Pizza (69 7th Ave S)
    This place is definitely on some lists but there's only one thing that's really the shit here, for regular slices Joe's down the street is much much better but they have this one pie called the Nonna Maria that is so fucking good. It's also open really late.