These things can really just tick me off... But not really.
  1. Opening a ranch packet and having it land everywhere but my curly fries
  2. When my white laces get those dark rings around them when I tighten my high tops.
  3. Not having enough powdered sugar on my funnel cake
  4. Forgetting to wear the boots with da fur
  5. Telling me guacamole is extra. Guys, I live my life on edge, I'll pay the extra cost.
  6. When a song is only played 3/4 of the way through..... What a commitment phobe the DJ is? Am I right ladies?
  7. When I run out of liquid eyeliner and have half a cat eye
  8. When a hair tie snaps while you're creating the perfect imperfect top knot.
  9. Chewing loudly.... Just no....
  10. When water gets on the edge of a sleeve.... You might as well just dump water on me.
  11. Seeing a child being scolded in public
  12. Having to put my bra back on after taking it off... Why do you curse me God?!? WHY?!?!
  13. When I see someone treat a server, retail associate, or anyone in customer service like they're your servant.... GET OF HERE YOU SMALL MINDED DOOKIE FACE.
  14. When people aren't holding the door open for others
  15. When King Curtis gets his bacon taken away from him.... What a she devil Joy is!
  16. Flies landing on food... YUCK
  17. When I try to plug in my Usb cord correctly and it won't fit, so I try it again the same way and it works.
  18. When someone looks at me with utter surprise etched on their face because I can rap every Tupac lyric perfectly.
  19. Trying to decipher Jayden Smith's tweets.
  20. When my older brother casually takes the last Cha sui bao and doesn't share it with me.
  21. When the DJ won't play the Ignition (Remix).