Love at first slice
  1. Pizza Port- A pizza jewel of north county coastal communities and one of my favorite spots to have quality pizza, beer, wings, and convo. Not to mention some of their locations serve house made gelato. Did I mention they still have Crusin' USA for a quarter? This spot is near and dear to my carb/cheese loving heart
  2. Bronx Pizza - The truest NY style thin crust pizza this side of the Mississippi. You can choose between 18 different types of sliced pies or have whole one baked for in house dining; take out is an option too. Thank you pizza gods for this gem!
  3. Pizzeria Bruno- A Neapolitan style pizzeria in North Park SD that is home to VERY tasty pies. Everything is made with top tier ingredients in a wood fired oven. The classic Margherita is definitely one of my favorites to order, with buffalo mozzarella. Simply put, this spot is fantastico!
  4. Blind Lady Ale House- A craft beer bar plus delicious pizza(and other food)always has us coming back for more more more! Our personal faves include, the Spicy Salami, Egg & Bacon, and the Bianca Al Prosciutto.
  5. Sicilian Thing- They offer Sicilian style slices (square & thick) or the traditional NY round & thin. We love the Sicilian style b/c it's twice baked, light, airy, and thick all at once. It hits the spot just right with its perfect dough, perfectly textured cheese; did I mention the corners have that brown crispiness... All in all it's