First 5 photos on my phone

These were all taken during my vacation in the Dominican Republic.
  1. Barbie
    I spent three months in the Dominican Republic. Barbie, my sister's chihuahua that my mom takes care of, was the best part of that trip if I'm being honest. I love her, I loved playing with her, I wanted to take her home with me.
  2. El Palacio Nacional
    This is one of the first photos I took once I got to the city. This is the national palace of justice, I seriously have no idea what officials do here but I loved the way the Christmas lights shimmered in the sunset
  3. ChinaTown
    One of my favorite places I visited while there. I didn't expect it to look so much like my Chinatown here in the states, which in hindsight was kind of a stupid thought.
  4. Random graffiti
    I've no idea why I took this picture. Aesthetics I guess?
  5. Dominican money
    This is a note of "2000" pesos, equivalent to about 50 dollars. The money is very colorful, I have no idea who the men in it are but it's very pretty