In recent years, the animated short has become the graphic novel of moving picture- tragically underrated and appealing only to select niches. Establishing characters, setting, and story using only visual cues and minimal dialouge is difficult enough without an extremely limited timeframe. In the spirit of appreciation, here are my favorites.
  1. Father and Daughter, Michaël Dudok de Wit
    This heart-wrenching Dutch short has no dialogue and limited settings, instead using beautiful hand-drawn animations to develop the story. It's won an Oscar and over 20 other awards. It'll have you bawling and calling your parents. On Youtube.
  2. World of Tomorrow, Dan Hertzfeldt
    This fascinating story about a little girl who is contacted by a future version of herself (literally) has won over 40 awards worldwide. The little girl was voiced by Winona, the director's niece, then only four years old. Because it was difficult to direct a toddler, nothing spoken by Winona was scripted. This short is like a technological Le Petit Prince. The incredible and unorthodox animation and dialogue weave together philosophy and humor in an unforgettable way. NETFLIX.
  3. Johnny Express, Mofac & Alfred
    A tale of a lazy Space Delivery Man who always seems to get it wrong. Stunning visuals and use of dark humor. On Vimeo.
  4. Metamorphosis (Good Books), Buck
    Though this is technically not a short film, I was excited to post this one because so many List App-ers seem to love books. This commercial for the non-profit organization, Good Books, pays homage to Hunter S. Thompson in a most unique (and humanitarian) way. It's won over a dozen awards from Cannes to ADC for everything from its captivating graphics, writing, directing, to its charming, bootleg-Johnny-Depp voice acting. Certainly the best ad you'll watch all day. On Vimeo.
  5. Short of the Week
    A website that updates weekly with an hour of short films, some animated, most independent. I am addicted!