I find that so much of this political process that we have going on is such a sham. These people feel this way, that persons family has been in politics forever, and the list goes on. Let's make it be a battle royale for the big office in DC..
  1. Who would you like to see as the Victor?
  2. Who would be your choice for Conductor?
  3. What kind of events would we see take place?
  4. Doesn't this sound amazing??
  5. I just think we need someone who can claim victory over all competitions.
  6. The debates are BORING, SCRIPTED and UNTRUTHFUL
  7. Who's with me??
  8. I would def like to see Cruz, Trump, Clinton, and Sanders all fighting for food and making appeals to people for badly needed medicine or an edge over their competition..
  9. We could even have special guests like:
  10. Putin or his buddy
  11. Ramzan