NOVA is the National Organization for Victim Advocates who work in the legal system, shelters, and other agencies with victims of sexual assault and trafficking.
  1. If you're a victim, there's help out there for you by people who are passionate and well trained and in most cases, were victims themselves.
  2. Today, the court system is still behind on punishing the accused and in most cases those found guilty.
  3. The court process works to the best of its current ability, but more importantly, the aftercare services are more important.
    Sad to say, but even federally appointed judges still have a large misconception of what is sexual assault as well as the concept of human trafficking.
  4. The great news is that resources abound, online, in-person, via text, phone, chat lines so you can tell someone and still remain anonymous.
  5. If you're a survivor, what's most important is knowing you aren't alone.
  6. We are working diligently to educate, inform, and prevent more cases of sexual assault both in the military (where I work) and in the civilian world.
  7. In regards to human trafficking, have no fear in reporting to local police. They are learning more on both state and federal levels and if you suspect one person is being trafficked, there's usually multiple people behind the scenes.
  8. I was brought to tears with some of the stories and seminars I attended to know the stories and lengths predators go to groom their victims.
  9. As a SURVIVOR, you are awesome and when you feel empowered enough to help, your contribution will always be important.
  10. RAINN is a great network and can help connect services anywhere in the world.