My folks suffer from a number of ailments. Really don't have a lot of folks to just get things off my chest. Figured this is as good as any other place.
  1. Their 47th anniversary is this week.
  2. Friday my dads blood pressure dropped. He fell and crawled up someone's car and made it back to his.
  3. Getting home he went into shock.
  4. My called the ever familiar ems and they started treating him for shock.
  5. His blood pressure was erratic. He's got major heart issues and is practically a bionic man with an internal defibrillator.
  6. After arriving at the ER. They assessed him and knew he was a great risk.
  7. Broken ribs, again and a slashed spleen.
  8. Four blood transfusions later they started his BP meds to get that under control and to enrich his anemic body into healing stud.
  9. 2 days later BP is controlled and off the meds.
  10. Spleen started to work on internal repairs.
  11. Due to cirrhosis he's taken on a considerable amount of liquid making it hard for him to breathe.
  12. They're monitoring his breathing and have him on a bypass C-Pap providing him with much needed oxygen.
  13. I'm in north Chicago and he's in South Carolina.
  14. He's in a positive state although they may have to put a port in to help drain the fluid.
  15. I've been in bereavement for years, but it's hard to grasp the reality that he may be moving on. If not soon, hopefully not soon, but his further conditions make it a reality.
  16. Makes me think of all the great things we've done together.
  17. Makes me think of my own mortality as a good man, Sr Marine, mentor of mine passed at 42 just a month ago.
  18. Just a little of what's going on with me.
  19. I also worry bout my mom. They don't do well without each other. They've both been in the hospital for long periods the last few months.
  20. Prayers and happy thoughts are always welcome.
  21. Let those whom you love most know often.
  22. Sweet dreams land