Hello you. You know who you are. Show up unexpectedly, converse about mundane topics, dinner, why sure I'll stay. Based off a recent uninvited guest hijacking a Saturday afternoon.
  1. I get it. You're bored and traveling around. Why not stop on in and see what the homebound (people with little minions) are doing.
  2. Oh, you're home! Great.
    We secretly are excited to see you, but don't outwardly show it.
  3. So what are you up to??
    Amidst the chaos that is our living room, we are doing gobs of laundry, attempting to keep Thing 1 from pulling every book out from the library and corralling Thing 2 from eating the dog food and playing in the dog water.
  4. You, dear guest suggest day drinking!?
    Those days are somewhat gone for now, but this goes to show you live that life still and only want to participate in normal things you do. Cue the mixed drinks..
  5. While watching Transylvania Hotel 2, you decide it's time to watch your favorite college team.
    Giphy downsized medium
    Ahem, this is going to cause loud wails from Thing 1, but you win-nap time for him. Yes this is my college team! Go Tigers!!!
  6. Loudly, you exclaim "anybody hungry?" After annihilating our cheese and cracker tray as well as raiding the fridge for leftovers.
  7. Now is the time...
  8. Sooo questioning begins to illuminate that you fine sir, should be getting on with your day.
  9. What's on your plate for tonight?
    Mentions the new club they'll likely go to tonight.
  10. Gotta get ready for the evening, hmmm?
  11. Thing 2 needs a nap, she hangs out in the swing, near the tv.
    No problem! You say, we can mute the game.. if my eyes were lasers..
  12. Dinner time honey? What are we doing??
    I could really go for some pizza. You guys? Little deep dish action? Lou Malnattis???
  13. Ugh. Yes, but not with you..
  14. I just ordered from my phone, should be here in 45 minutes.
    Did he even ask what we wanted on the pizza?!
  15. Dinner over, you then make use of our bathroom, seriously...should have gone home for that.
  16. Is he napping??
    Yes, you fell asleep, watching your game.
  17. Oh damn. Did I fall asleep??
    Yes, yes you did.
  18. Time to put the kids to sleep. Sooooo...
    I'll just be here, y'all do what you need to do..
  19. We are failing miserably!
  20. Kids asleep, time for adulting.
  21. Oh wait.
  22. You're ready to leave...
  23. Now?!?!?
  24. Ugh. Thanks for the good times.
  25. Really folks. He's a good dude. Lonely, a bit. But still he missed so many cues. All was still good.
  26. Thanks for the Li.st suggestion @marginally_amazing youre the best!