In case you're wondering where cuts from government expenditures show up. Please let me enlighten you....
  1. Here's my work phone
  2. I'm on call for two week rotations 24 hrs a day
  3. Thankfully with the new 3G nationwide system, I can find a signal anywhere
  4. Here's a look at the inner workings of this expensive phone
  5. Rumor has it that this one once was used in a Star Trek episode when they couldn't find their usual prop
  6. This GzOne has the latest technology for texting. How many people remember how to text without a qwerty keyboard?
  7. One of my favorite features is the lack of available storage because of all the pics you can take.
  8. Oh!
  9. Wait!
  10. No camera. So why do I have to erase all text messages after receiving 10 new ones?
  11. So, as we wait for the new fiscal budget to start...I'm hoping to get an upgrade to a Blackberry.
  12. Goodnight!