Halloween items I didn't know existed.

Who knew??
  1. That's right kids. Step up to the skull funnel for all of your beer guzzling needs.
  2. No explanation needed.
  3. Introducing "Drink Sleeve"!! Never knew koozies had a different name.
  4. Angry pumpkin face beer pong balls for all of your seasonal beer pong needs.
  5. Sooo this had me thinking. It's a giant hello mold in the shape of a hand..my Jell-O shot friends would love it.
  6. Don't forget Brain Mold!!!
  7. Holds 24 shot glasses! 24! What is this thing made of???
  8. Last but not least I had to provide a costume.
    Not sure if I remember Floozy, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles friend but there's an outfit if you want to dress like her.
  9. That's the top..
  10. Bottoms
  11. Ta daaa!!!