A local police officer, soldier, whom I knew decently but know his best friend from the Army very well, was killed in the line of duty yesterday. May he rest in peace.
  1. Allen Jacobs. Husband, local policeman, soldier, and father.
  2. What is hard for me. Is that although I knew him, had dinner with him, we didn't hang out much. His best friend, is my good friend. I'm gutted knowing how much this loss means to him. They served in Iraq together and I can't imagine losing my best friend from the Marines.
  3. In some ways, I'm like well, he died doing what he loved to do.
  4. Other ways, I'm like, this is part of being a police officer.
  5. I'm also pissed at the system for allowing this 17 yr old out of serving a 10 yr sentence for strong arm robbery and instead giving him 253 days.
  6. 253 damn days out of 3,650. WTF?? Over.
  7. I cried yesterday for the first time in 6 months. I was/am gutted in that we had dinner with him and his wife-due in August not too long ago.
  8. One other thing that bothers the hell outta me is the ridiculous comments people have left on the news websites.
  9. There's the racist ignorant folks.
  10. Then the this is payback for the KKK in SC
  11. Or my favorite-this is the way it's going to be from now on.
  12. The last one I read was best. I hope they string him up and kill him.
  13. ✋ hi there. Had you read the article-you would have known he committed suicide in front of the cops before they could stop him.
  14. Allen, you will be missed. Til Valhalla.