OH the Places You'll Go

Just a little slice of the places I've been fortunate to visit. There's several places I can't/won't show for many reasons that were part of my deployments in the infantry.
  1. This started my post chef career adventure. The words over that porthole ring true. Marines are a different sort.
  2. Palermo, Sicily. So much good food and it was a magical place with such nice looking humans. Everyone we met could be in a movie or magazine.
  3. A truly hidden place. Marmaris, Turkey was asleep until they saw our taxi cab (aircraft carrier) come into port, then the beer/booze started flowing. Great expat community here.
  4. Petra, Jordan. Amazing!!! To think humans worked without modern tools, ladders, and scaffolding, speechless. Don't pay the gypsy's to ride camels, the walk isn't that bad.
  5. Dubai, UAE. This place is nuts and makes our wealthy people in America look poor, very poor. People here were very nice to us.
  6. Rota, Spain. Great expat community, love sangria, and was adopted by a retired Master Chief who took us in and made us feel at home.
  7. Then there's this place. Specifically Al-Quaim. Um, the people that weren't trying to kill us were wonderful and I feel so sad that the sadist assholes of the world (ISIS) have taken over this place and probably killed all the wonderful people there.
  8. The amazing band of brothers. 1st plt, 2/2 G company. Proud to have served with these fine men