Obviously, you may not agree with what I believe. That's awesome and have a nice day.
  1. I believe that my daughter, my wife, and every woman should be respected and that rape shouldn't be a consideration, ever!
  2. I believe in fair and equal pay among genders.
  3. I believe that racism shouldn't exist and that it's a sad world at how ignorant people are.
  4. I believe that women shouldn't be murdered for marrying against their parents wishes.
  5. I believe in a world of opportunity and that no matter your race, if you want it bad enough, you can overcome all things.
    I'm tired of reading about white privilege and how American society is sh!t. If you believe that, then look to President Obama and tell me again that you are being held back.
  6. I believe in gun ownership for all.
    However, I also believe that the majority of people in this country don't need or deserve to own/operate any and all weapons of their choosing.
  7. I believe we need a third political party that receives equal federal matching money.
  8. I believe that my time in the military made me so grateful that I'm blessed to have been born in the United States.
  9. I believe poverty can be overcome provided the right tools for success.
  10. I believe this countries educational system is failing it's students and that the teachers have little to do with the failure.
  11. I believe that there should be a mandatory obligation to the Armed Forces.
    Before you get all crazy, current statistics state only 40% of the American population are fit enough to serve, physically/mentally.
  12. I believe it should be a crime for anyone to burn the American flag.
  13. I believe that impersonating a service member should be a crime.
  14. I believe that we live in a country where the majority have no idea how grateful they should be given the freedoms we have in this country.
  15. I believe that more research should be done on steroids and they should be legal.
  16. I believe that Fox News should be made to public ally announce to the world they are an entertainment company and not a news outlet.
  17. I believe that cable should be crazy expensive so more people would have to read.
  18. I believe that Hollywood consistently fails to portray reality.
  19. I believe the objectification of women in media needs to fucking stop.
  20. I believe that this list has gotten fairly long.
  21. I believe breakfast is a far superior meal than lunch and dinner.
  22. I believe that Veterans should receive free healthcare for the rest of their lives.
  23. I believe also, that we should never forget that 11 million humans were hunted down by a madman, and anything and everything should be done to prevent another Holocaust.
    There are a number of other human atrocities that will be on another list of mine.
  24. Goodnight folks.