I love this damn place and now you may like them more.
  1. A long time ago, in a galaxy faraway a place of extreme quantity was opened.
  2. Static
  3. We had a vacuum, a shark to be specific.
    It started to suck at not sucking. I took it in for a cleaning. The guy told me it would be 125$. Mentioned that things needed replacing etc.
  4. Hell no-I only paid 150$ for this vacuum less than a year ago.
    A small voice in me said "take it back."
  5. I did. They were excited. Refunded my money and said Sharks have a better lifetime.
    So for 50$ more I got the deluxe version.
  6. Static
  7. Had a pork butt that I got home and it was spoiled. They took it back.
  8. Squash that was moldy. They took it back.
  9. The place is awesome.
  10. Static
  11. If you're not aware of how awesome their travel site is. Go online and shop their quotes for rental cars. 7 day rental, 7 passenger SUV less than 500$.
  12. Yup!
  13. Have a great day! Thank you for shopping at Costco.