Sometimes life just provides us these moments...
  1. When I'm watching comedians with my parents/in-laws and the subject matter is heavily detailed sexual situations..
    Watching Classic Robin Williams is funny, but not with your dad. Also, not a good idea with your father-in-law.
  2. When I meet someone who tells me they were in the military, they tell me their MOS and then they find out I was infantry..
  3. When I miss a key point of a conversation and can only smile and nod afterwards.
  4. When I wave at people I think I know and then realize that wasn't them.
  5. When I realize people I work with have no concept of my job
  6. When people say politically correct things about me being a Veteran
    But it's always nice to be thanked.
  7. When people say strange shit to me like "oh you surely don't have the PTSD right?"..
  8. When people ask if I've dealt with many suicidal people after learning I work in mental health
    This kind of question just doesn't need to be asked, EVER.
  9. Asking me if I've killed people, you know, over there.
    First off, why do you have to ask this question, and second where the fuck is over there? Not like there's a floating map you can point to..not everyone has the luxury of being in shit hole countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, ok!
  10. Realizing in a crowd of people in most bars where I live that I'm the only person who did life the non-traditional way.
    I live in a city with probably the highest amount of engineers per capita. So shit gets interesting when people get liquored up and they find out I was a chef and then became a Marinez
  11. When people say silly shit like "I know what it's like to be deployed overseas, I was a camp counselor" or "I've done mission work."
    We don't need to compare stories. I gladly did my time in the Marines so let's just drop the wannabe tough guy act..