This could go on for a long time, but I think I got the really good ones.
  1. A toilet and a shower that has temperature controls.
    I was in the military and deployed to lovely hot spots in the world. I often didn't get a chance to bathe and toilets were non-existent
  2. A bed, any bed.
  3. Getting hugs from my kids.
  4. Scratch and sniff books
    Just got reintroduced to them.
  5. That perfect cup of coffee
    Which is usually my first of the day
  6. Netflix
    The variety of weird foreign movies is awesome
  7. My lovely KDanger
  8. All the hard lessons I've learned in my life
  9. Graduating from college
  10. Meals with friends and family
  11. A used book with other people's notes or dedications written in them
    I feel that the little annotations, underlined quotes or dedications makes a used book worth more.
  12. Having traveled all over the world and realizing as much as things here in the States can be screwy and unfair, it's still the best place I'd want my children to be born in.
  13. Miles Davis on vinyl
  14. Vinyl
  15. Wine especially Coppola or Orrin Swift varities
  16. Books
  17. Art museums
  18. Star Wars