I'm very familiar with this issue. It's the reason I supported my wife in leaving her previous job and finding one here in Illinois. It's the reason we left the South, in hopes that our daughter won't face the same discrimination.
  1. Natalie Portman stated she was paid 3x less than Ashton Kutcher.
  2. Static
    We are talking multi-millions she made and lost.
  3. But who signed your contract?
    To me, knowing what little I do about contracts. Its plain to see that she is represented by a manager and is a member of the Actors Guild.
  4. So to me, why is she blaming male society for her disparity.
  5. Also, more importantly what is she doing BIG PICTURE to get people to change the pay gaps?
  6. Is she protesting her next film as she wasn't paid enough?
  7. Is she petitioning her California representatives to increase wages for women in all industries?
  8. There are several women out there, kicking ass and taking names and standing up to the "man".
  9. But I believe this was very trite.
  10. She should in my opinion:
  11. Fire her agent
  12. Open her own agency
  13. Take Hollywood to the ground
  14. Add some of the other leading ladies to the team
  15. Start demanding equal pay or they won't play the roles
  16. Natalie -tell those producers that Shakespeare had the men in drag
  17. They can do it again if y'all don't want to pay
  18. End of my rant
  19. You ladies are so powerful and kick ass, I love you all.