I have notice that a lot of people don't like to call other people unless is necessary these are my reasons.
  1. Lack of social skills .. Main point here for those like me who find the human interaction really hard and you're heart beat so fast with new people or even people you barely know (taxi driver, co worker, cashier, waiter, assuming you interact more than one with them in a week etc.)
  2. Foreign language..Since I'm living in other country & My English skills are not really good.it freaks me out every time I have 2 call someone.why if they don't understand my bad English?? And then is when the struggle begins the anxiety ,desperation and the level of stress goes to the highest point..if I didn't like to talk by phone now I hate it.
  3. Unnecessary chatting.. if I'm calling you it's because I have an important thing to tell you or maybe I need information or help because I send tons of messages to the people I care about to know how was her/his day.
  4. Who is answering... That's for the partners of my friends when they answer the phone and salute me/ interrogate me.
  5. Voice mail.. Omg every time this happens I want to throw my cellphone to a wall (after so many calls though I don't need to go to anger management)..