1. The Network Confrontation (The World's End)
    This scene, while not especially exceptional from a formal standpoint, so sums up Edgar Wright's point of view, especially in regards to conformity.
  2. The Winchester Pub scene (Shaun of the Dead)
    This scene is quite long (basically the entire climax) but it runs the Edgar Wright gambit of laughs, tears, and technical flourishes (the fight being in sync with the music)
  3. George Merchant's Murder (Hot Fuzz)
    This one is just so damn fun to watch. The way he intercuts between the mansion and Pegg and Frost watching action movies by matching the actions in the two scenes, it's just amazing to watch
  4. The Final Shootout (Hot Fuzz)
    This is just some good solid action and pretty damn funny too. I enjoy this less as a movie nerd and more as a movie fan
  5. The Opening Scene (The World's End)
    If you're looking for a compact summation of Edgar Wright's style and skill, look no further than this scene. This one sequence could survive as a short film independent of the rest of the film. Just incredible!