1. Leif Garrett
    The show reunited him with a friend he paralyzed like twenty years ago it was NUTS
  2. Grand Funk Railroad
    Epic plane crash
  3. N.K.O.T.B.
    A girl at a show in Japan died in a stampede trying to get to their limo, and Jordan never recovered
  4. Genesis
    Phil Collins was a prick
  5. 1984
    They also made episodes for years. The release of Thriller was BIG
  6. Bette Midler
    She sang at baths for gay men! Crazy.
  7. Whitney Houston
    Bobby Brown is a bad, bad man.
  8. Bobby Brown
    Very, very bad man. In retrospect, redemption arc felt hollow.
  9. Menudo
  10. 1977
    Studio 54. You could do drugs and have sex in same night
  11. Fleetwood Mac
    My mom watched this one too. Awkward when it was revealed Stevie f'ed the whole band