I've watched all these in the last week for work. They are NUTS.
  1. Empire
    I know it's difficult judge a new work against history, but Cookie is clearly a major figure.
  2. Dallas
    This is like There Will Be Blood for Nixon-era broadcast TV.
  3. Bloodline
    If you asked David Mamet to make a commercial for Tommy Bahama but didn't pay full quote, you get Bloodline. Still tense!
  4. Revenge
    There's a tech gazillionaire with British rock royalty hair who just pops up places to purse his lips. And still, he's not nearly as menacing as a fucking featured extra on Dallas.
  5. Falcon Crest
    So this takes place on a vineyard in Napa, but no one boozes, fucks, or seems to know anything about his/her own family. Great score though. I can only assume they brought in the professionals after the pilot, because this puppy's got no intrigue to speak of!!!