1. Leafy Los Feliz steeped in fog
  2. 110-105 intersection just outside downtown, pretty much the Mecca of highway construction, in total gridlock because of a stalled car. Mechanic working amid the madness.
  3. A "campus" of tech companies with huge open plan offices on what was marshland till a year ago. No grown ups in sight.
  4. Abbott Kinney, which I find both super pleasant and ripe for satire. Had a mild allergy attack.
  5. A really nice bro preparing a tincture. His mom put him in a Hindu cult-type-thing as a child that was shut down because of abuse allegations.
  6. Gifted young filmmaker get a call to interview for a project that would take him literally around the world and perhaps launch his career.
  7. I took streets from Venice all the way to USC. Quicker than I thought. More important, don't let republicans fool you: class is a real thing. The playing field isn't exactly equal.
  8. USC library. Old, wooden, crumbling. A lil piece of the east.
  9. A charter school next to USC with homeless dudes hanging out by the playground. One kid put a trash can on his head, and the uniformed female officer told him he was disgusting and made him and all his friends wash their hands. Some teens looked down and smiled knowingly.
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