What is it about certain movies that draws you in again and again, even if you know he dialogue by heart and see everything (including the plot holes)?
  1. Clue
    Tim Curry, Madeline Khan, and too zingers to keep track of.
  2. Pulp Fiction
    Dat adrenaline shot, tho
  3. Contact
    Maybe this is my equivalent of "I Believe."
  4. The Matrix
    I want someone to bullet-time my snack preparations and couch hop I do when I notice this is on.
  5. Star Wars (episode IV)
    RotJ is close, but I can still turn it off.
  6. Star Trek IV
    Because Humpback Whales and time travel.
  7. Amelie
    It might be the soundtrack
  8. Heathers
    So many great one-liners. Also, Winona and Christian at their very best.
    Suggested by @crh