From Na Na to Jinuh. My real name is Gina, by the way.
  1. Na Na
    From my little brother when he was too little to say G
  2. Gi Gi
    From another little kid who couldn't get the Na part right
  3. GinaBinaBallerina
    From the preschool ballet phase
  4. Jemima
    My camp counselor was having trouble remembering my name, I told her it started with a G. She guessed Jemima and the name stuck with my cabin mates for the next two weeks.
  5. Gine
    The first of many iterations, I don't get this as frequently I expect. Mostly from my mom.
  6. G
    I like this one, it feels cool. Courtesy of the athletic trainer at my high school.
  7. Gine Pal
    Used exclusively by my good pal, Margaux (pronounced Margo). I've returned the nickname with a whole slew of Margocks, Marguacks, Marguacamole, etc.
  8. Gine Dog
    From my college roommate, Eleanor (also known as El Cat)
  9. Jinuh
    Yup. This is the one. It started in high school among the boys on swim team. They were especially excited when they figured out that they could use the Spanish word for "Go" (Va) to accompany it. So many swim meets, so much cheering. "¡Va Jinuh! ¡Vaaaa!" It spread throughout the school, my mom even used it. I thought it would go away in college, but it didn't take long for the freshman guys to figure it out again. Even Dwight gets it wrong.