An easy first list from a Scottish burd
  1. Kelvingrove Art Gallery
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    Beautiful building, a stuffed elephant with a model spitfire overhead, home of Dali's 'Christ of St John on the Cross', the floating heads, regular organ recitals...what's not to love?
  2. The Glasgow Film Festival
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    From the big films at the opening gala, to 'Jaws' on the Tall Ship, to little gems like this, 'The Fall of the House of Usher' original print accompanied by a live soundtrack on this organ.
  3. Kelvingrove Park
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    Even if you're not a fan of students, joggers or folk doing boot camp, there's always dogs running about!
  4. Nanakusa
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    On Sauchiehall Street you will find the best chicken gyoza in Scotland.
  5. Variety Bar
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    Also on Sauchiehall Street and just a cracking pub. And stuff like this happens.
  6. Barrowlands
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    Best venue in Scotland!
  7. GoMA
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    Gallery of Modern Art. Beautiful building, free entry, worth a wee wander.
  8. Duke of Wellington Statue
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    Located outside of the GoMA, and always with a finishing touch
  9. The Briggait
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    Formerly a fish market, this beautiful building has been converted into artistic spaces and is used for all kinds of events from craft fairs to beer festivals.
  10. Stag and Dagger (or Live in Glasgow)
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    One wrist band, multiple venues including O2 ABC and Nice n Sleazys, and lots of live music on a Sunday afternoon!
  11. Inn Deep
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    Good beer, good location, the picture is the view from their outdoor seating area and there are always loads of people with dogs!
  12. Nice n Sleazy's
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    Worst toilets in Glasgow but makes up for it with good music, good beer and voted best burgers in Glasgow. Plus a disco ball makes everything pretty!
  13. A walk along the Clyde
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    Because look at it!
  14. The Science Centre
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    The Science Tower never works but the Science Centre is fun for big weans and wee weans.
  15. IMAX
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    Also at the Science Centre is the IMAX, the biggest screen in Scotland. Avengers fan? You haven't lived until you've seen Cap's Lycra clad arse in IMAX 3D!
  16. Bread Meats Bread
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    There are millions of burger joints in Glasgow. Not all of them have poutine's. A vat of chips, gravy and cheese curds (and bacon if your really greedy!) it's the ultimate hangover cure
  17. Botanic Gardens
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    Always worth a wonder, the greenhouses are well kept and full of beauties
  18. Bard in the Botanics
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    You get to watch Shakespeare in the Botanics with a picnic. And it's ok to drink because the posh folk are doing it!
  19. Theatre Royal
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    Recently refurbished reception but the theatre is as it always was. Stunning.