Impress your friends with these fun facts about everyone's favorite spectral spooks.
  1. Most ghosts are allergic to mayonnaise.
    Most, but not all. They generally know to avoid it.
  2. More than half of all male ghosts are named "Larry."
    Surprise the ghost that's haunting you by saying, "Larry, cut it out!" Try it!
  3. According to a recent poll, over seventy percent of ghosts support Donald Trump.
    The most common reason was that they remembered when America was great and want to make it great again.
  4. Some ghosts are haunted by other ghosts.
    If you were looking forward to not being haunted in the future, you might want to reevaluate your outlook.
  5. Spiders have ghosts.
    Everyone knows that plants don't have ghosts, and neither do many species of fish and reptiles. Insects are generally excluded as well, but arachnids of all species have ghosts across the board. One of them might hold a grudge against you for squashing him. Take this as a warning to be nice to scorpions, as well. Those guys make the absolute worst ghosts!
  6. You can exorcise your house of ghosts via an app.
    It is quick and simple. Exorcizr comes with a free trial period, but be aware that you must pay a monthly fee in order to keep the ghosts away. With good timing, you can sell your old place without the buyers knowing!
  7. Ghosts are good at basketball.
  8. You can catch a ghost in a bottle.
    Just cover yourself and all of your surroundings excluding the bottle in mayonnaise. Then, prepare to strike! The bottle must be immediately covered in the blood of virgins in order to prevent the ghost from escaping. Pay attention to this coating as time goes on because it will require occasional touch-ups.
  9. Tornadoes are caused by ghosts that are dancing with each other and they move too fast.
    Who knew? The scientists did. We bring the facts straight to you.
  10. Ghosts can haunt your computer.
    There's a chance that the problems you're experiencing are not related to malware or other commonly reported issues. You might want to consider exorcism, or alternatively, covering all surfaces in mayonnaise.