1. Slap in the face
    Yell, "Snap out of it!"
  2. Screen the mail for condolence letters and throw them away.
    Nobody wants to be reminded of stuff like that.
  3. Sleeping medication
    Get your friend to consume them without knowing. We all want a chance to sleep on the news we receive. Sometimes someone else needs to give us that opportunity. Additionally, if you continue this for long enough, you and your friend will eventually be past dealing with the original problem.
  4. Have your own personal crisis that overshadows your friend's
    This is a great idea for many reasons. Nothing puts a person's problems in perspective like a good belittling. This could also take your friend's mind off of their own problems for a while. Finally, You're probably tired of giving so much of your own attention away. Sometimes it's nice to receive your due.
  5. Make constant jokes that reference the event.
    Many people find humor a great way to digest difficult situations. This isn't true for all people, but with persistence it can be.
  6. Become the only point of contact between your friend and the world.
    This person is probably not thinking clearly as a result of the trauma. It's best to take possession of phone, Facebook account, and all property and assets. You may need to use force, but first consider sleeping medication.
  7. Remind them of their own demise.
    Your own death really puts things into perspective, even other people's deaths. If the situation is forcing your friend to come to grips with his or her own death, remind that person how lucky they are to not have to see you go first.
  8. Encourage this person to not seek help.
    Nobody wants to feel patronized just because they are dealing with a difficult situation. Why would a person want to feel any different because of circumstance? Receiving help is too much additional stress.
  9. Convince your friend that it is just a dream.
    Diligent use of sleeping medication will help you out with this one.