Day 6 of having the flu...
  1. Re-downloaded this app so I could write this list.
    Password reset was needed.
  2. Slept a lot. On and off. Allllll day errrrr day.
    I usually get up at 6:30am and go to bed around c.11:00pm. Sleeping this hardcore feels like a luxury. Even if I am crook.
  3. Watched Season 1 of The Affair.
    A Dominic West/Joshua Jackson bonk-fest drama. Truly a treat for the eyes.
  4. Watched Mariah's World on E!
    The gal is literally ALL tits and cheeks.
  5. Been through a box of tissues and a hand sanitizer. a teenage boy!
  6. Felt bad that it's Christmas Day on Sunday and I still need to go shopping.
    Cash in a card for all....or an IOU?!
  7. Ate nothing but crisps and biscuits.
    That's chips and cookies(?) for you yanks.
  8. Coughed up a lung and lost my voice.
    Sure felt like it at 3:00am this morning. Family are feeling grateful for the silence.
  9. Not much else....