2014 was very poor reading wise but I've been doing a decent job so far in 2015. May add ratings to the books later.
  1. Girl on The Train - Paula Hawkins
    Started this morning, finished half hour ago.
  2. Fragile Things - Neil Gaiman
    Finished in one day, too
  3. Brief Encounters - Dick Cavett
  4. Bossypants - Tina Fey
  5. Modern Romance - Aziz Ansari & Eric Klinenberg
  6. Man's Search For Meaning - Viktor E. Feankl
    Thanks for the reccimendarion, @JimmyFallon
  7. Pines - Blake Crouch
  8. The Man From Primrose Lane - James Renner
    One of the best books I've ever read.