...but you may find a re-occurring theme hidden in here.
  1. I wonder if me wearing white leggings means I'm getting old
    I feel like all the old fancy ladies in the movies are always wearing white.
  2. The disappointment you get when you open a wet nap and it's no longer wet😭😭😭😭
  3. Should I be concerned that horrifying is my go to word for all things...well "horrifying"
  4. Great anti-aging tools for the 30s and 40s a trip to Costco 10am in the morning
    Trust me you will feel revitalized and never complain again that you are getting old
  5. I feel like I have enough material to be a stand up comedian, but my boyfriend doesn't think so.
  6. Is it just me, or do all TSA people look alike?
  7. The hilariousness of seeing people including myself walk around barefoot with no abandoned in the TSA line in the airport...but you won't dare catch any of us doing that in the street.
  8. "Nooks" I discovered I like hearing people say this word
    TSA guy was explaining that it was okay to keep your Nooks, iPhones, Kindles, and other small gadgets (to many to recall) in your bag.
  9. I love elderly people being cool with technology like the lady next to me speaking into her phone with the phone right up against her face for the voice to text feature
  10. Socks and sandals...Yes, I am nearing middle age.
  11. Starting to go to breakfast 8am Sunday morning to clear the crowds...again is this another sign of middle agery
  12. My life would have been so much easier had I succumbed to this early on
  13. I watched the Godfather for the first time. Was unimpressed. I've been spoiled with HBO (GOT, etc)...I know I'm a terrible person