Guitar Hero Live is pretty darn fun and has a lot of good ideas. Unfortunately, the reviews are coming in as mixed. Here is what I like and dislike.
  1. The Guitar is great
    As a Guitar Hero veteran, I was skeptical about the new guitar design. I shouldn't have been because the new design is great. The layered button design is awesome and almost makes you feel like you are playing the real thing. It was hard to adjust to the new design and took several songs before my fingers would cooperate. Now that I got it, though, I could never go back to the old design.
  2. Music Videos are awesome
    What can I say? Being able to see the actual music videos while you play is awesome. It makes every song more unique as you are not just standing on the stage all the time.
  3. Song Selection is better than okay
    The selection of music definitely skews towards hard rock/heavy metal but there is a good amount of music from every genre. More songs are, supposedly, going to be released all the time. I am happy with what is available but am hoping that they will add more music to attract my daughters to the game. (5sos,more 1D, etc)
  4. Music Channels is a good idea
    First, all music is available without extra purchases forever; this is awesome. You join a channel and music is chosen for you (like watching MTV). I didn't care for this at first, but quickly changed my mind. I liked being free from the burden of picking out music and by the time that I realize that I don't care for the song, it is almost over and something better is starting.
  5. 'Plays' are an okay thing, I guess
    This is the "in app purchase" part of the game. You can earn or buy 'plays' to play a specific song that you have a hankering for (or want to practice/master). All the usual "in app purchase" gripes apply here (want cheaper, more free, etc) but I really haven't found 'plays' to be a issue. I am having so much fun playing on the channels that I haven't had to urge to seek out and play specific tracks yet
  6. GH Live is not that great
    This is my one major negative about the game. This is the single player part of the game where you stand in front of crowd and play sets. The use of real people/crowds is great but everyone is overdramatic. This overacting makes it a bit campy. Also, the crowd and background noises really drowns out/muddles the music and, I think, makes it harder to play. You will play this once to unlock some songs but will never touch it again.
  7. Two Player is fun and improving
    This is great except that you both play the same 'notes'. There is no main and bass parts, like in previous versions. It is not a big deal because you will be so focused on your playing that you won't even care. I heard that they will be adding bass tracks later, so it could be a moot point anyway.
  8. Get It
    This game is awesome alone and with family/friends. I recommend it.