Places I Have Lived

When you turn 50, you really start to reflect on life and all the things you have and have not done. I decided to make a list of all the places I have lived. I really got around!
  1. Bel Air, Maryland
    This is where my family bought a house when I was an infant. It was a great little town to grow up in, but I am glad I left.
  2. Delta, Pennsylvania
    This was hardly a move, but I did end up here for a few years after high school... and my parents divorce. Lived with my mom and was so extremely grateful for some of the people who took me under their wing and helped me survive. This is the church I attended... when I used to go to church.
  3. London (Highgate), England
    After some great trips backpacking around Europe, I just had to find a way to live there. I went to work as a nanny in London. My first family treated me like a slave, so I moved.
  4. Penarth, Wales
    My second nanny job in the UK was in this beautiful village in the South of Wales. After a few months though, it was back to PA with my mom....until the snowy winter depression made me contact friends and I moved to...
  5. Las Cruces, New Mexico
    I lived with a childhood friend for less than a week before I had a new circle of friends and a new home (which was much better than sharing a room with a 4 year old.) I loved my life here, but there wasn't any work. I called my older brother and moved in with him.
  6. Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California
    This little beach town north of San Diego should have made me very happy. I had great times at the beach, but I felt too dependent on my brother, he was going through a divorce and I missed the East Coast.
  7. Georgetown, Washington DC
    I loved living here, but hated my nanny job because the mom was a control freak (which I admit, I am too, so we didn't fit well. ) I stayed a year, but had no idea when I was traveling to get back East I would end up meeting my future husband!
  8. Las Colinas, Texas
    I moved to Texas to be closer to the cute guy I met and we ended up getting married! I worked next to the building with the statues of the wild mustangs and worked as a travel agent. Husband graduated from college and got a job with a new company called... Microsoft.
  9. Trophy Club, Texas
    We bought a house. I loved my husband, but didn't love life in Texas. I hated being called a Yankee and I couldn't relate to the Bible belt mentality. Plus the heat! Then one day, hubby was suggested for a job near company headquarters...
  10. North Bend, Washington State
    ...he got the job and Microsoft paid for our move to the PNW! Now three kids and 17 years later we are still living in the town where Twin Peaks was filmed and never regretted here!