1. Get your menorah ready now. People weite about all kinds of things and I would love to see a picture of your menorah! I can make one of the lists where people add things right? I will learn how to do that so I can make a list and you can add your menorah
  2. Give back to the community. For Chanukah I like to give to organizations of the Jewish community to celebrate. I like to give to hadassah. Have the children participate with a tzedakah box!
  3. Give back to your family and yourself! This gma gives great gifts and she does not forget about herself! Ha! Get those gifts ready
  4. Make sure you have enough gelt and dreidels for the kids that come over
  5. Make sure you are ready for all of your food. For our big meal my family likes me to make a brisket and have too many latkes with both apple sauce and sour cream
  6. Watch this incredible performance of these talented kids. The singer is such a cutie! Gma approved!!! Ha!! I am putting it in another part of the list under this
  7. They are so good and so cute!