Last week I was in the North Cascades on assignment with Outward Bound, a wilderness leadership school. I took an OB course as a student when I was 16 (voluntarily), it had a huge impact on my life. Later, they gave me my first job out of college. I never pass up an opportunity to help them out. Here are some of my favorite images from the shoot.
  1. Bright green Diablo Lake
  2. This dude just taking it all in
  3. Probably the dopest campsite I've ever seen
    They call it the Grandstand in the Methow Valley
  4. This was the view from my tent
  5. Ridiculous sunrise
  6. A little rock climbing
  7. Another angle of that same climb
    See the guy waving on top?
  8. Nice climb, bro!
  9. Met these chill mountain goats
  10. Kids being kids
  11. Nice place for sea kayaking
    This was in the San Juans, we were paddling from Lopez to Blind Island
  12. Stars on stars
  13. A not-so-gentle welcome back to civilization
  14. Until next time