@marisa and I recently returned from our honeymoon safari in South Africa and Botswana. Here are some pictures and fun facts from the journey.
  1. Vervet monkeys have blue balls
  2. Baboons do not have blue balls
  3. Zebras are chic af
  4. Elephants have boobs in the same place as humans
  5. On average, lions cuddle 24 hours per day
  6. Leopards are less cuddly
  7. People like to hate on hyenas but they're actually really cool and they're always up to something
  8. Giraffes are harder to spot than you would think
  9. Rhinos are all like Rick Ross
  10. Cheetahs are all like supermodels
  11. Hippos are all like 'aaaarrrrhhhhghhh'
  12. Baby cheetahs are the best
  13. Baby leopards are the best too
  14. I mean, get out of here with that face