@marisa and I recently returned from our honeymoon safari in South Africa and Botswana. Here are some pictures and fun facts from the journey.
  1. Vervet monkeys have blue balls
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  2. Baboons do not have blue balls
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  3. Zebras are chic af
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  4. Elephants have boobs in the same place as humans
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  5. On average, lions cuddle 24 hours per day
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  6. Leopards are less cuddly
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  7. People like to hate on hyenas but they're actually really cool and they're always up to something
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  8. Giraffes are harder to spot than you would think
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  9. Rhinos are all like Rick Ross
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  10. Cheetahs are all like supermodels
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  11. Hippos are all like 'aaaarrrrhhhhghhh'
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  12. Baby cheetahs are the best
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  13. Baby leopards are the best too
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  14. I mean, get out of here with that face
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